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[ laughter ] >> bret: that's real. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special repot't't't't't't't't't't't't'tl o'reilly. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> the question for voters is who is putting forward policies that have a chance to move our country forward? >> bill: a stunning new poll says president obama is very well liked personally by americans but the majority of registered voters are rejecting his presidency. we'll tell you why. also, that poll runs down which media have real power in america. bernie goldberg will analyze that the factor catches up with khan. the 9/11 truther. >> do you know that you are a 9/11 truther then. >> i don't believe so. i don't know. you could ask him. >> how could he have not have known? >> bill: we will show you what happened there. see all the evidence that you
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can compile that shows that your party is racist. >> if i show you that will you concede the point? >> bill: i have to see what that evidence is. marc lamont hill says he has proof, proof that the tea party has a racist agenda. >> i will bring all the evidence you need. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. stunning new poll on politics in the media that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. survey done by politico and george washington university asked 1,000 likely voters about the current state of politics and the media in the u.s.a. the results may surprise you. first, 45% strongly disapprove of the job president obama is doing. 35% strongly approve. but personally, this situation is reverse.
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47% of likely voters say they strongly approve of the president as a person. just 19% strongly disprove. on the subject of his possible re-election, 44% say they will vote against barack obama the next time around. 38% say he deserves to be reelected. 42% of americans say the president is very liberal. and 41% say the new obama care legislation is terrible. just 18% favor it enthusiastically. so the mood of the country is obviously running strongly against mr. obama's policies. as for the republican party, mitt romney has a 45% favorable rating. 28% don't like him. sarah palin 44% like her. 49% do not. mike huckabee 49% like him. 25% do not. and newt gingrich clocks in at 35% favorable. 39% unfavorable. turning to the media listen to this.
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81% of likely voters now get their information about politic from cable news. 71% say they get it from information from network news. on the cable news front, 42% of respondents say fox is their main source of information about politics. 30% say cnn. just 12% cite msnbc, which is disastrous. the politico george washington survey also polled media people. when asked who has the greatest positive impact on the political debate in america your humble correspondent the o'reilly guy comes out far ahead. 49% of americans cited me as having a positive impact on the political debate in this country. now, i know i'm not a humble man but that's really something. i appreciate it very much. i should note that 32% of the public say that i am a negative influence. of course, they are misguided. glenn beck comes in second. 38% saying he has a positive impact. 32% negative.
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rush limbaugh third. 36% positive. 52% negative. sean hannity fourth, 35% positive. 25% negative. and jon stewart fifth. 34% positive, 22% negative. what does all this mean? clearly the fox news channel has become the most important media outlet in the country. i don't think there is any question about that secondly, our cable competition doesn't even show up. third, network news does remain a force but no longer leads. fourth, the republican race in 2012 wide open. and, fifth, president obama has an enormous problems to overcome. and that's the memo. a bit later on, bernie goldberg will analyze the media component of the poll. but, for now, our top story reaction, joining us from washington fnc political analyst brit hume. good news for us and always -- and what was the most surprising thing you saw in the poll. >> the poll was arrangely in line with the other polling we have seen.
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the only real stunner is that 49% of the public believe that you are having a positive impact on the debate in america. and only 32% thought negative. you know, they need to rerun those numbers. >> bill: you think so? maybe the question wasn't worded properly. [ laughter ] >> bill: or maybe they think i'm the australian hurling player the guy named bill o'reilly or whatever. i have to say i was very, very surprised. because, when you are in the opinion business, and we are going on our 14th year. october 5th will be the 14th year. you and i were here in the beginning when you were in the opinion business. you expect even split people that like you and don't. this there is a 17 point gap. there is no one else even close. i think it goes to the big mouth that i have or something. >> no. i think what's happened, bill, have you gotten all mellow and cuddly and people are having a certain fondness for you. >> bill: i hope that's not the case. but what i think it is is that we have shifted a little bit
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from the opinion business into the fact business. and that our facts are rock solid. you are going to see marc lamont hill in a couple of minutes, brit. i think you will see the results in a few minutes. he said last week i have proof that the tea party is racist. we will let him put his proof out and we will rebut it that's what people want to see back and forth opinion rather than ideological position that speaks to the choir. i think what i took from this poll politically is that barack obama has an enormous problem because only 18% of the country right now sees his signature legislation, obama care as being a really good thing. 18% say he has lost the propaganda war here on that front. >> right. not only that, you notice that when people are asked who do they have more confidence in to serve certain problems, the republicans in congress do much better than the president. but, they don't do as well
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compared to the democrats in congress, which is really kind of surprising and, indeed, counter intuitive. you would think in an election in which most people or a significant number of people more, 47% say they are likely to vote republican fewer than 45% say they are going to vote democratic would be the other way around. the person that really has trouble against the republicans is the president. and, of course, he is not on the ballot. but i think in this election, bill. >> bill: -- he is on the ballot. >> people want to vote to protest him. the only way they can do that is to vote for the other party. >> bill: he is absolutely on the other ballot. as i write in if the pinheads and patriots "the election is going to be between president obama or hillary clinton who i believe may challenge and ronald reagan. i say that because whoever is the republican nominee is going to run on the ronald reagan philosophical call ticket. cut taxes. smaller government, proud of america.
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it's going to be the ghost of ronald reagan running against barack obama. that's what's going to happen next time around. >> that makes sense. obviously no republican president has been nearly as or presidential candidate has been nearly as popular as ronald reagan was when he was elected and reelected and even george w. bush at the height of his post 9/11 popularity, he might have been ahead of reagan but it didn't last. reagan is the guy if you want -- he is the man that's been the most popular politician of our times. >> bill: no doubt it was his second term that put him over the top. like barack obama in the beginning president reagan had trouble. which gives president obama hope that he could do the same thing that mr. reagan did. now, final question, and you're in a unique position having been a big shot at abc news for a long time and then a big shot at fnc from its beginnings when we had 15 million subscribers and we were on channel 87 in pa
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palucaville. now you see fnc far and away more influential than abc, cbs, and nbc. >> it's interesting about where people are getting their news i think one of the reasons why we do so much better particularly in an answer like that is apart from the very high profile opinion dispensers, many on this channel, many which are popular, hard news hour at 6:00, another hard news hour at 7:00. across our day parts. you see a great deal of correspondent reporting and news from around the country and reporting on stories and pretty balanced interviews about those stories there is a lot of news on the fox news channel and i think that accounts for, in considerable measure from people trusting us as a news source. >> bill: we have just overwhelmed them because we have the time to overwhelm them. >> the eclipse in network news is something that's been going
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on for a long time. it's not likely to stop. >> bill: the other two cable news operations off the board. >> trailing, yeah. >> bill: next on the run down, juan and mary katharine has strong opinions about the political poll. later, we confront the muslim 9/11 truther who may be involved in a mosque ground zero situation. don't miss this one upcoming.
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>> bill: continuing now with our lead story, a stunning politico, george washington university poll on media politics in the u.s.a. by the way, we have posted that poll on bill o' if you want to see the main points, you can take your time going through them. joining us from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams. i'm going to ask you the same question i asked brit. what was the most surprising thing for you in the poll. >> it's amazing how the media landscape has changed in my lifetime, i guess yours, bill, to go from the idea of the big abc, nbc, cbs, you know, mega
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ship, you know, the mother ship of all news. now fox news dominates and it's not even close. msnbc is a joke, man. it's unbelievable. 12%. and cnn, i think people are flipping by it. they sometimes say yeah, i watch something on cnn. they are not there. the loyal audience is here. the second thing that stands out is that fox has an older audience. so u while a lot of young people really aren't watching the news, it's the seniors who pay attention and care about their likely voters as well. and one final point, bill, i think when you are talking about barack obama running against ghost of ronald reagan you told brit, you know, i think you said that because there is nobody currently listed among the republicans who can give him any shot. people saying they are going to vote against obama, not one of them, mike huckabee, who is also a fox person comes close but is he not really close. >> bill: the campaign hasn't begun yet. there is nobody out there saying this is what i would do.
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couple points. number one, on the media deal, 42% of the public, 42% of the american public now cites fox news as its primary source. >> correct. >> bill: for political information. that's unbelievable. >> it's unbelievable. >> it's shocking. >> bill: it's unbelievable. >> it is. >> bill: the second thing is, if the republicans want to recapture the white house, there is only one way they can do it. that is by resurrecting the ghost of ronald reagan. whoever it is, who gets the nomination, has got to say, look, i'm going to do exactly what he did. i'm going to install pride in the country. i'm going to cut taxes. i'm going to be smaller government minded. it's exactly what reagan stood for. that's what it is going to be. i said that in my book. i say this is exactly what is going to happen. go ahead. >> yeah. but different times. you said a moment ago that barack obama has lost control of the narrowive. and i think that's right. people like him but they don't like the policies because he has done a terrible job. reagan was the great communicator. obama, i don't know what you
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want to call him -- >> bill: mary katharine, here is the deal. when you see americans to the tune of 47% saying hey, we like him. we like barack obama. we don't have anything against him. but only 18% think obama care is a great thing. i mean, americans are evaluating the man not on who he is but what is he doing. >> right. no, i think you are right. first of all, as far as the ghost of reagan goes, the political system right now is volatile enough. i think you could get somebody that comes out of blue that you didn't expect being a candidate that will surprise people. that's one thing. second of all, when your landmark legislation is polling on par with congress negatively at 18% that is a bad, bad sign. so going forward, he and msnbc don't look like they are in great shape. as far as the media goes, what is interesting is these are likely voters. more educated and more intune to the news. among that group they pick five
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personalities that they pick as leading four are center right of conservatives only left leaning guy is jon stewart. set de facto left-leaning pundit now? >> bill: i'm going to give stewart jazz tonight. i'm going to be on his program tonight. i'm bringing this poll over with me. i am going to read it to him and he can weep. one other thing, look, you said the older audience. this is a myth if you look at every television news national agency, they are all skewing old in the sense that more older people watch the news thank younger people. >> absolutely. >> bill: fox news dominates the 24 to 55 demographic. dominates it the younger people who are watching are watching fox. >> they are watching jon stewart. no i have far more. >> they are watching fox. >> bill: go ahead. >> right. here is the here. it's fewer young people who pay attention to the news. >> bill: that's right. >> watch the news. so, yes. what happens is the audience here at fox tends to skew older.
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as i say, these are people who pay attention. >> bill: all of them skew older. >> let me make one point to something you said earlier, bill. you know what? when you say it's what he has done, not the narrative in terms of president obama. i disagree. i think if he had made the pace that he -- made the case he kept us out of depression and helped the auto industry and made the case have children stay on insurance and much better he would be in a better position. >> i feel like he has been talking allot. >> bill: only in the economy approved, juan. the country is on the verge of bankruptcy. >> the country was on the verge of depression by everybody's estimate, bill. >> obama does nothing but make cases all day long every day. that's what he does. he talks and talks and talks. he says these things over and over again. people don't buy it because they don't see it i appreciate you rebutting and saying not only young people watch jon stewart a lot of them do. a lot of them are watching fox.
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>> more are watching the factor. >> i always knew you were a teddy bear by the way. >> bill: what? >> that's why these numbers are up for you. >> bill: you think i'm a teddy bear? is that what you are telling me mary katharine? >> in truth though, it is hard to be as well known as some of the folks at fox are and be well-liked and so far they have managed it. >> bill: i want to say this and i'm very sincere in this. i am really not deserving of the label teddy bear. >> no. but you are deserving of the label now legitimate news source. and that's something the white house has been fighting. you are the real deal right now. >> bill: believe me, there is nobody on earth more surprised about this poll than me. >> hang in there. congratulations. >> bill: all right. marc lamont hill says he has proof that the tea party contains elements of racism. bernie goldberg political components of the political poll. that should be interesting.
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we'll be right back.
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>> bill: factor follow-up segment tonight. last week you may remember this. >> bill: i'm going to have you on next week and i want to see all the evidence that you can compile that shows the tea party is racist. >> after i show that you, will you concede the point. >> bill: i have to see what the evidence. >> if you find it compelling will you concede the point? >> bill: if i find it compelling i will find it compelling. with us now is dr. marc lamont hill that teaches at columbia university. we will keep this to two points. >> that's all i need. >> bill: point number one? >> point number one is the pervasive presence of racist signs and buttons and discourses all around tea party rallies. not one rally. not one group of outliers but consistently throughout tea party rallies.
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videos, images. there is proof from the beginning of this movement these people are present at every rally. >> bill: you are pointing to the signs that they are holding up. you don't know who is holding the signs up, right? >> if this was antiwar rally george bush -- tea party rally i have gone to a lot of these rallies, many people holding these signs. does very little to stop or discourage that they are either racist themselves or benefiting. >> bill: look, i don't know who is holding the signs. certainly could be people, dirty tricks people who want to make the tea party. >> you mean plants? you brought that up last week. >> bill: it was. we investigated delma and she wasn't a plant. she is a normal person. so you were wrong last week: your point is that there are signs here but the tea party has condemned the signs. the leaders have condemned them. >> when you go to tea party rallies and you continue to see dozens of these signs. what does it mean to condemn a
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sign and allow them to be held up? >> bill: what do you mean allow them? pull them out. >> i have seen very little condemnation. i have heard a few tea party representatives say, you know, we don't really like those signs. when you consistently see signs of obama looking like a monkey using offensive language, using dirty language and the "n" word. >> bill: i disagree with you in two ways. number one, i don't think the signs are pervasive and i don't know who is putting the signs up. the tea party leadership has been fairly consistent. roll the tape. >> we have all seen the signs. there have been signs that compare barack obama to a monkey. there have been signs that have had the "n" word on them. when you see those signs, how do you feel? >> they are offensive. they don't belong there. but there will always be fringe elements. the folks that are leading these major organizations who are making a difference by getting the vote out, getting people elected clearly have stated unequivocally that there is no word for this kind of derogatory speech. indeed, no room for racism.
5:25 am
>> bill: you say enough. >> one of the four black tea party members. >> bill: i could run in ten of those clips. so they're on the record as condemning. >> bill, if they're at every rally they're not fringe. >> bill: look, if you wanted to go to the naacp you can find the same kind of radical element there. >> that's not true. that's factually untrue. if you go to naacp rallies do you not see signs of the nature those are it's simply not true. >> bill: why don't know, again, who is putting those signs out there. again, let's get to the university of washington, some professor did a survey, correct. >> a scientific study. which says the tea party members are more likely to be racially resentful and have racial negative attitudes than other people. also statistically likely to think black people are unintelligent and less hard working than people who do not approve of the tea party. >> bill: this professor you know is he a left leaning guy. >> science is science. i don't care who it was. whether is he is a conservativer
5:26 am
liberal. >> bill: you say it's science. here is from real clear the analysis of that professor's scientific study. all right? whites in every group are less likely to rape -- rate blacks than whites as intelligent, in every group, professor, knock by similar margins, 14 points for tea party supporters, 45% vs. 59%. 13 points for all whites. 49% vs. 62%. 10 points for tea party opponents. 59% vs. 69% for truth worthy. the gap is smaller in the tea party group 41% to 49% than in the regular group. so, what you are saying is whites who don't support the tea party come in with worst numbers on honesty and trust worthiness and intelligence. that's what the survey says. >> that's actually not what the survey says. if you look at whites who strongly approve of the tea
5:27 am
party they are most likely to find blacks less hard working and less truth worthy. >> i'm going to direct the viewers to real clear politics. >> why don't we direct them to the actual study. >> because the study -- you are directing them to an interpretation of the study. as a social scientist i'm telling you your interpretation of the study is wrong. strong approving of tea party -- >> bill: is this fair and balanced? read the washington studdie. >> i have read it. >> bill: i wanted viewers to. >> please do. >> bill: then read the real clear politics analysis of it, okay? >> that works. if it turns out that what i'm say something true and it is, will you then concede. >> bill: no because the study according to real clear and our analysis is that the tea party members are more liberal toward african-americans on the basis of trust worthiness and honesty than the general population. >> first point is they are more likely to be racially resentful. do you agree with that part of the study?
5:28 am
>> bill: no. >> based on what? >> bill: analysis. >> attitudes towards black. >> bill: based on whether they get a fair shake or not. >> based on whether the government gives them too many benefits. i came in as a trained social scientist reading a study. >> bill: you gave us two examples i rebutted. >> with fallacious information. >> bill: no fallacious. real clear politics is real clear. you say they are wrong and they say they are right. let the audience decide. >> look at the study and read this for yourself. >> bill: i want them. >> to if it turns out that my interpretation is correct? would that then make the tea party racist? yes or no? >> >> no you are saying even if they agree with my interpretation of the study i can't be right? >> bill: because the study is subjective. >> based on what? it's a scientific poll. you are saying the study. >> bill: they tore it apart. >> what you are saying is the study is only is only correct if
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this agree with you. >> bill: i'm not unclear. >> i know you are not real clear. >> bill: i have got to stop you. let the audience see and they can decide. that's the fair thing to do. that is fair
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. you may remember the man faiz khan he believes 9/11 attack was per al qaeda. -- imam rawf will not answer any questions about mr. khan so the factor producer dan bank caught up with khan and asked him about his relationship with the imam. >> i don't have any relationship right now. >>
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>> bill: a physician. that's why he is talking about that. the factor has learned that the mosque is having big problems as we predicted here. we don't think it is going to be built. another radical muslim news, the president of iran ahmadinejad spoke in new york last week at the u.n. apparently he wore the same clothes for three state days. they do have room service where he is staying. during that time he also met with minister farrakhan and some black panthers and "new york post" is reporting today. fox news correspondent eric shawn actually interviewed ahmadinejad in a bizarre display. >> you wished americans well. but you have insulted millions and millions of americans by claiming that the u.s. government had a hand in 9/11. quite frankly, sir, how could you say such an insane and nutty
5:34 am
thing? >> would you address your own president the same way? would they ever allow you to? you are speaking on behalf of the u.s. government. >> no, sir, i'm not. i'm a journalist. i'm an independent, objective journalist. >> but right now you said that the u.s. government has condemned iran and that the u.n. security council. >> yes. that's fact. >> how do you represent them? >> no, i do not. >> bill: here now is eric shawn. you know, look, i would take the interview too if it was offered to me. i know i'm not going to get anything out of the guy. >> bill, as you do every night, our job here is not to let them off the hook. >> bill: just keep asking questions even though he may never answer a question. >> you may. it's a conversation. when he says you he doesn't apt nuclear bomb. you are violating four u.n. resolutions. >> bill: then he says you are american h. >> right. i represent the american government and u.n. security
5:35 am
council too. >> bill: is he as crazy off camera. >> i think he has a mission. he is exactly the same off camera as on camera. >> bill: did you talk to him off camera. >> not because of the language issue. usually you can chitchat beforehand. because of the language difference we nodded and sat respectively. i said mr. president, thank you for talking to fox news. >> bill: does he know what fox news. >> he later said we are backed by the defense department. >> bill: we are? fox news is. >> you. me. and then he also said that i am connected to a government institution. >> bill: did he have like security around him and goons and everything? >> they have security. >> bill: their own guys, right? >> a lot of their own guys, their own diplomatic security. >> bill: i remember the mike wallace interview with ayatollah khomeini, mom, forgive me. you are totally insane and you are an i idiot. you said it more bluntly than
5:36 am
mike wallace did. do you think is he off it. >> he has a mission. his mission is policy of iran basically against american policy in afghanistan and iraq. >> bill: so he is not unstable mentally? >> i don't think so. and i also think that he tried to reach out to the american people with this interview and the other interviews he does when he is here. he started the interview with a prayer and he said he wishes good to the american people. he wishes us. >> bill: and then he ran over and met with louis farrakhan. you want to reach out to the american people, that's the way to do it. and the black panthers were there, to. i just think there is something wrong with that whole crew. i really do. i think they are dangerous. i think they would go down in flames and do whatever they could to blow the world up but i could be wrong. >> the only chance we have this way is to talk to them and address them as did i with blunt tough questions and try to get them to answer. >> bill: all right. thanks, eric. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: when we come back the new poll that shows fox news
5:37 am
dominating coverage in america. bill clinton mocking tea party candidates. wait until you hear this moment@
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight rns as we told nut talking points memo brand new poll says cable news network news and fox news is dominating cable. here now to analyze from north
5:40 am
carolina the purr -- purveyor of you heard juan and mary katharine. first of all likely voters say, look, the whole paradigm has changed. now we're going to go to the cable operations for our election news and analysis and we're are really only going to one because the other two are really off the board. it's almost frightening in a way, is it not? >> yes. but first let me say i think the entire poll is suspect. it said that poor people in america knew you, bill o'reilly than know ed shultz. i don't know. i find that hard to believe. >> bill: the hardest part is that half the country, actually, thinks i'm a positive force in the political debate. >> what does that tell you about half the country?
5:41 am
>> bill: you know, that they are very astute, goldberg. they are astute, good measures. that's what it tells me. i'm so heartened to hear it. >> okay. here is the thing about the poll. if so many people are getting their news about the midterm elections from cable, this says that the old media world continues to crumble. it's been crumbling for a while. but when 81% of the people are getting their news from cable, not the broadcast networks and the biggest chunk ever those people are getting it from fox, the old world of media continues to fall apart. and, and, since so many people are getting election news on fox, this is the real reason. we can cut through all the other stuff. this is the real reason that so many in the mainstream media hate fox. because fox is threatening their very existence. fox is bad for their business. that's number one. the second point is that voters
5:42 am
can't vote, of course, until november 2nd. but as disenchantment with president obama has grown over the past, well, however many months you want to pick out, people have been voting with their remote control device. the only way they can vote and they have been switching over to fox. now, fox had all the republicans and conservatives already pretty much. now they are getting independents. that's not only bad news for the other cable operations, bill, that's bad news for the national democratic party, also. >> bill: okay. now, when you have the intensity as i mentioned earlier in the program, fox news is going to its 14th year. i think it's october 5th. something like that. and now everything has changed. i used to be the maverick outsider. the guy -- and now i'm like in the middle of this whole thing. we have modified our approach here on the factor. i think everybody knows that.
5:43 am
we are really fact-based driven. so when i have a marc lamont hill here, he gives his opinion but i back it up with very strong facts to refute what he says rather than ideological debate. in the 90's we were more ideological. now we are not. but fox news now becomes -- has more of a responsibility i think than it ever had before. >> exactly. that is -- this is like i have said this before, once or twice a year you stumble on to a brilliant point. and you just did. it does. if more and more people are watching fox, and getting very important information from fox about the elections, then fox has a tremendous responsibility. and just to give one example, just one example, if fox is going to cover tea parties, even, even opinion shows have to cover them and not chopper i don't -- champion them. you can't be the most important
5:44 am
news organization us a you think fox is if you are going to champion certain causes and not others. >> bill: i agree with you. you have to cover them the good and the bad. you also have to give them a fair shake. we have given the tea party a fair shake without endorsing anything. it's wrong to label a whole group of people, millions of people racist. that's just flat out wrong. >> exactly. you see, the other side, the old media, it's problem is that it also jumps to conclusions it junks to conclusions that the tea party people are a bunch of morons. fox in its news coverage -- i don't have a problem with its news coverage. what i'm saying is something more subtle. even its opinion shows they don't have to be balanced. they can take a point of view but they have to be fair. the more fox is taken seriously as a very, very important institution in america, the more responsible fox needs to be. >> bill: all right. bernie, thank you very much. i want to point out to the
5:45 am
audience, one of the reasons i think i did so well in that poll is because we do have commentators like bernie and juan and mary katharine and brit hume every day who just give honest opinion. they back it up. so that reflects well on me. thanks, bernie. again, we have posted the poll on bill o' for you premium members, bernie goldberg is featured in an interview this week for you guys. at the presentit's a hot one. i hope you 9:00 p.m.s will consider the program. you will like it. bill clinton continues hammering tea party people and helen thomas gets another honor. check is next. at my friend's school has this thing called autism. my friend's brother's son has autism. my neighbor's son has autism. my son has autism. announcer: autism is getting closer to home. today, 1 in 110 children is diagnosed with autism--
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, relation check where we give you information that is rock solid. check one, speaking in portland, maine in support of a democratic congressional candidate, bill
5:49 am
clinton went after some candidates backed by the tea party. >> and, of course, they got wrestling federation read in connecticut and witchcraft lady in delaware. so far they have gathered up about everybody for this tea party but the mad hatter and alice in wonderland will give it to them too. >> bill: that was for governor. you can fill in the punch line. i don't think the president looks good. he he looks drawn. he is on that vegan diet. he needs a burger. van jones also down on the tea party. >> you think things are bad now what will happen when the people who are screaming and yelling at these tea party events are actually in charge of your government and actually in charge of your life and in charge of your kids' future. that is -- you may have some hope fatigue but you have got a lot of reason to be fearful enough i think to stay involved and get involved. i don't think you want a tea party running your community, running your family, running your government.
5:50 am
>> bill: obviously many americans disagree mr. jones as his crew is losing support while the tea party folks are gaining momentum. some famous people like soccer star david beckham are simply fed up. [shouting] [screams] >> do you want to say it again? >> you got a galaxy shirt on. >> you got a galaxy shirt on. >> bill: i will never understand folks who attack famous people for no reason whatsoever it really show as character flaw. check four, after being cut out of sesame street for a wardrobe issue pop singer katie perry mocked her situation on "saturday night live." [. [ applause ]
5:51 am
>> how are you? >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> whoa, oh my goodness. >> like today's show is brought to you by the number 3 and the letter double d. [ laughter ] >> well, i guess i developed over the summer. >> you guess? look at elmo his head is all stretched out. >> it is? >> yeah. >> do you remember when jerry lewis had to take all those steroids and his head blew up. that's what elmo's head looks right now. >> >> bill: no report from elmo reportedly distraught by the whole episode. check 5, proposition 19 with california with legalized marijuana in that state and public policy polling says it's running ahead 47% to 38%. the prop 19 is helping democrats jerry brown and barbara boxner their races because it is bringing in more liberals to the vote. historically the liberal community supports legalized pot. by the way, since federal law
5:52 am
trumps state law the vote is largely symbolic if the feds want to make an issue out of it. check 6 yet another award for helen thomas. another arab american group adc honoring her for courage. you may remember ms. thomas forced to retire from white house commentary job because she urged jews to leave israel and, quote, go home. finally check seven. nasty confrontation in california for gubernatorial candidate john kitshaber. >> [inaudible] >> with all due respect that's my fourth rights. [inaudible] >> the guy was trying to record the rally and he was getting punched and no place for that in america. and that is reality check. pinheads and patriots moments away with some more controversial surrounding
5:53 am
stephen colbert. wait until you hear this. p and p is next. q4n
5:54 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. first, the "wall street journal" says in my book where you tan in the nation of obama is the nation's top selling nonfiction book, number one there. it is. pinheads and patriots out sold
5:55 am
its nearest competitor last week by 28%. yet, some left wing publications have it at number two. all i will say is thank you very much to everyone who is supporting my book. now the mail, jerry: fact that the justice department will not pursue voting abuses unless minorities are victims is setting back racial harmony in this country. david: how about a follow-up on how media dealt with the testimony the justice department is racially bias? the testimony of christopher coates last friday was barely covered jennifer: bill, in is no such thing as reverse racism. we received a lot of letters like yours jennifer. reverse racism is shorthand for bias against whites.
5:56 am
page: i think colbert made a great point most americans will not do the work that migrants do. deborah: colbert's appearance on the capitol was natural it is not like he was the only clown there. susan. . what is next sean connery testifying about national security? we could do worse. dr. bloom: after watching you and beck discuss colbert and stewart i'm amazed at how sophisticated news analysis has become. not selling sophistication here doctor, you can go to npr for that. just giving you the straight story. gerald: obviously, oprah will not be at stewart's rally october 30th, she will be attending the bold fresh show in connecticut. i hope she has her tickets, because they are going fast. gerardo: i commend you for your
5:57 am
outstanding book pinheads and patriots. thanks for putting your country first. i appreciate that, thanks for reading the book. finally, pinheads and patriots the tv edition. as you may know stephen colbert testified in front of a y last week mocking the system. some democrats are divided on whether that was wise. >> my great grandfather did not travel across 4,000 miles of the atlantic to see this country overrun by immigrants. he did it because he killed a man in ireland. that's the rumor. i don't know in that is true. i would like to have it stricken from the record. >> i think his testimony was not appropriate. i think it was embarrassment for mr. colbert, more than house. >> he was called by democratic chair of the subcommittee. >> you asked me chris, whether the testimony was appropriate, i think it was not. >> of course it is appropriate, he's an american. he comes before committee, has a point of view. he can bring attention to
5:58 am
important issue like immigration. it was great. >> bill: you can decide hot pinheads and patriots are that morass that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news for website different from if you came in late talking points memo tonight is about the new poll by politico and george washington university. we've posted the polls on bill o'reilly do the. we would like you to -- to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly@ name a town if you wish to opine. here's the -- here's the word of the day when writing to the factor we do not want to see any jabberwocky. it is a legitimate description of something you do not want to do. thanks for watching tonight, i
5:59 am
am bill o'reilly please rer the spin stops right here because we are definitely -- please remember, the spin >> good morning, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson and today is tuesday, september 28, 2010. thanks for sharing your time. a crack in the white house inner circle as the president tries to rally the troops for november, president's right-hand man about to apparently call it quits. >> meanwhile, are developers ready to move that mosque away from ground zero in new word this morning of a change in plans that is being considered right now. i think i filled enough time. have you adjusted your necktie? >> no, special thanks to gretchen. i think i got it straight. ok, good. my mom usually writes me about 7:15. bill o'reilly being called a pinhead. >> you know what that was? that was a pinhead remark. >> it was? >> that was not a patriot. >> goes head to head with j

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